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"Someone called me ´The Indie Queen of Iceland' once and it may be the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me.."

Born in Denmark to her Icelandic parents but living in Paris before she was six weeks old, Telma spent the first few years of her life in France and Denmark where her parents worked and studied before settling in Iceland in 1998.

It was apparent from childhood that performance art was likely to be in Telma's path. She was drawn to anything performance related; dancing, singing, public speaking, and acting came naturally and her talents grew as she kept seeking opportunities to work with her passions.

Telma then made her debut as a film actress in 2015 with her role in the Icelandic indie flick Webcam. Since then she worked primarily in the film industry in Iceland taking on producing, casting, writing and directing along with working as an actress. 


After finishing shooting for the film Eden early 2017, Telma went to study acting at the renowned Le Cours Florent in Paris which she then followed up with a course at Prague Film School in the Czech Republic. 




"Telma flytur myndina á allt annað level; hörð, framsækin, springandi af persónuleika og orku – og leikkonan selur rullu sem hefði alveg getað hrunið á andlitið með rangri tæklun."

"...Telma moves the film to a whole new level; Tough, progressive, exploding with personality and energy - the actress sells a role that could have easily fallen flat with a wrong interpretation." - Tómas Valgeirsson



"...enda er myndin langsterkust í samspilinu á milli Rósalindar og Agú. Vinátta þeirra skín í gegn og heldur myndinni alfarið uppi. Leikurinn er mistækur, en mjög fínn hjá aðalleikkonunum, sem skiptir auðvitað langmestu máli, og sérstaklega er Telma Huld grípandi í hlutverki Agú."

"...The best parts of the film are the moments between Rósalind & Agú, their friendship shines through and completely carries the film.

The acting in the film over all is up and down but the main actresses do a good job, which is of course the most important thing, and Telma Huld is especially gripping in the role of Agú." - Elísabet Indra Ragnarsdóttir